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RE: Bill Gates' ludicrous ideas to "block spam"


I think Gates' second idea is more of a joke. He wants to require mail 
senders to "offer cash" to the recipient. The recipient would get the 
cash if they chose to open a message from an unknown sender. Potential 
customers would have to pay to send an inquiry to a company asking about 
an item the customer wishes to purchase. Spammers can easily say, "Sure, 
I'll offer you fifty dollars to read my message. Just try to collect it 
from me." For this to be effective, the Internet mail system would have 
to be "prepaid" for each recipient per email when relaying messages from 
mail server to mail server. The sender would have to pay an upfront fee 
to be permitted to send mail. The sender's ISP would have to deduct this 
fee from the sender's account and be prepaid with every ISP through whom 
their clients correspond so that the receiving ISP's servers could debit 
the sending ISP's accounts. There would also have to be tracking methods 
to see when credits are owned for unopened messages.

Im sure in Gates mind is control, 

what I suspect he wants is to be the middle man, the spammer hands money
over to Gates so he can send "valuble marketing information" if the receiver
accepts it, Gates takes a fat %. 

It would just be a matter of time before your email address was sold by
Gates to a spammer I bet.

Of course this would also leave Gates free to spam you directly as he feel

This system assumes of course we want to use Gates's email system "hello
Exchange!" I cant see such an idea taking off, ppl and companies already
dont trust MS and passport.



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