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How to not trigger auto-responders?


Autoresponders that I have setup before were based on procmail, they used the 
FROM_DAEMON check to not send responses to lists plus as a safety measure 
they'd only send one email to each sender per day.

I host a club's website that has about 5,000 members, there are mailings to 
members done through the site and unfortunately the members love 
autoresponders.   The site actually sends emails one-by-one to people and 
there are no headers to indicate that the email essentially from a mailing 

I am thinking of adding a "Precedence: list" or "Precedence: bulk" header to 
the emails in the hope that at least some of these autoresponders have some 
smarts.  I know I can just send from an address that is aliased to /dev/null 
but I'd really like the emails to continue being sent from functional email 
addresses so that bounces and replies can be handled properly.

Looking at the headers from the autoresponders, some identify themselves, many 
do not.  I found "Internet Mail Service", Microsoft Exchange, OSM Client, and 

How have you guys gotten around the autoresponder problem in the past?  Is 
there hope?

Fraser Campbell <fraser@wehave.net>                 http://www.wehave.net/
Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada                             Debian GNU/Linux

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