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Re: Antivirus license

I do not address the license problem, but rather the utility of a n
antivirus for e-mail .
Such beast hogs the server, and give a false sense of safety to user.
I feel better
 1. delegate to end user, i do not use AV , i nearly always use win, i
receive about 500 messages per day, but never got a virus installed in
my computer.
  2. if you cannot trust completely your user use a resident antivirus on
ws, at least this would hog their machine, not the server !
  3. if the virus is new option 2 could not work, but even the server one
could fail, more difficult with option 1.
provide a good debugger to your user.

On 10 Jun 2003 at 9:43, Tomàs Núñez Lirola wrote:
> Hi
> I want to put an antivirus on the mail server (BugBear helped me to convince
> my boss). Now is time for wondering about licenses.
> Kaspersky and F-Prot (two examples) have a product for a mail server. If I use
> their product for a personal use (wich license price is a 5% of the mail
> server license) with amavis, am I doing something illegal? Does the license
> permit its use with amavis?
> I need to know it for sure... so can anyone help me?
> However, the open alternatives (clamav, openantivirus, etc) are stable enough?
> They get updated fast enough?
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