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Re: ntop with Imagestream WANic


On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 06:38:08PM -0400, Adam Henry wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck using nTop to watch traffic over ImageStream
> WAN Interface Cards?  According to nTop, "on some Linux distributions,
> the libpcap package is broken" [http://www.ntop.org/faq.txt].  Is this
> the case with Debian 3.0?
You should ask the ntop mailing list about that :-)

> analyze the packets.  I was told by the people at ISis that "tcpdump
> doesn't export traffic", and that I would need to use nProbe to send
> nTop netFlow formatted packets to make any sense out of it.  Is this a
> true statement?
To export netflow traffic on Linux you need ntop or better nprobe.
Nprobe is really great an stable, I can recommend it. AFAIK you have to
pay a small amount for it but get it as open source C code.
(I use it for a year or so on several routers but only FastEthernet)

> Sincerely,
> hank


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