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Re: PPP-Server

* Kay-Michael Voit <debian@voits.net> [2003-06-14 12:42]:
> Hi,
> can someone give me just a small hint, what I need to set um a PPP
> Server? I only need something to search for, as I have no idea how
> this works, for i have been working only with LAN connections and ADSL
> for years.

We use mgetty here to watch the serial lines (just two ISDN modems) and it
works fine for us. It includes some features like access based on phone
number of caller but we have not tested that yet.

Initial setup can be a bit tricky but once it runs it makes no problems at
all (which is probably the reason for the setup troubles cuz you just do
it once every couple of years :) )

jogi hofmueller <jogi@mur.at>
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