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Re: Antivirus license

Tomàs Núñez Lirola wrote:
> I have a doubt respecting amavis...
> I've read there are some antiviruses that run in daemon mode 
> (clamav-daemon,
> sophie) because if you want to check a lot of files every 2 
> or 3 seconds
> (like a mail server does), it takes a lot of resources to load virus
> definitions every time, so they load definitions once and 
> stay as a daemon.
> But I thought AMaViS implemented this. Am I certain? Does 
> AMaViS load virus
> definitions every time a mail is checked? I mean, is useless a daemon
> antivirus with amavis?
It's a bit different. You're right in that clamav-daemon/sophie run as
daemons to reduce pattern load time and system load.

But it's also true that perl scripts (like amavis) also take a while to load
(on my testing machine it takes even longer to load and initialize amavis
than h+b antivir), so amavis has also been daemonized (in the various
spin-offs, like amavisd, amavisd-snap, amavisd-new).

So with amavisd-new (which I prefer to run) you have an MTA, conenctiong to
the amavis daemon, which connects to (eg) the clamav-daemon. Everything sits
in memory and is ready to rumple upon incoming mail :-)


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