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Re: PPP-Server

Am 12:20 2003-06-14 +0200 hat Kay-Michael Voit geschrieben:
>can someone give me just a small hint, what I need to set um a PPP
>Server? I only need something to search for, as I have no idea how
>this works, for i have been working only with LAN connections and ADSL
>for years.
>I want to set um a server which i can call with laptop an cell phone.
>Kay-Michael Voit

Install the Debian Package 'portslave' it use RADIUS 
and is easy to install. 

Please note, if you use HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switching Data) 
with your Laptop/Cell-Phone you need an ISDN-Modem which talks 
V.90 Protocol like the USR Courier I-Modem which you can get on 
<http://www.ebay.com/> for 10-30 US$ (was for some years about 
400 US$) and use an ISA port. 

I run 4 of it in One Box so I have 4 x V.90 or 4 x 56k/64k/112k/128k


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