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Optimizing Apache

Hi List,
I've got an Apache installation running on a AMD 2000+ with 256MB of RAM
and I think it's a bit to 'slow' with delivering pages. Especially when
delivering over an SSL secured connection it takes unambiguously to much
time for a page (with pictures) to load. At which directives in my
configuration should I look at and what would be recommendable values?

The first thing I'd look at would be the MinSpareServers and
MaxSpareServers as well as StartServers. But that leads to another
question: How do I estimate this values? There should be an possibility
to watch the Apache while working and to get some values that help me to
estimate the optimal values for these directives.

Thanks in advance for every reply.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards
Dominik Schulz

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