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Re: transparent proxy with multiple squids?

On Sun, Jun 01, 2003 at 07:23:12PM -0500, Jos? Guzm?n wrote:
> I have a main router/firwall for the lan in one box, and a squid hierarchy
> for redundancy of two or three boxes (siblings). What's the best way to do
> transparent proxying with 2 or more squids with iptables?
> What if I add a second router/firewall box with vrrpd and want to keep the
> transparent proxy to several squid boxes? 
> In short: what's the best way to do scalable transparent proxying with
> iptables?

the same way that you build scalable NON-transparent proxies - by using a load
balancer in front of your squid boxes.

as far as your routers are concerned, there's only one transparent proxy box
(the load-balancer's IP).  the LB handles all the real proxy servers, and can
automatically add/remove them to/from the proxy array as required.

for more info on building a linux-based load-balancer, see the LVS project at


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