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Re: PHP versioning and security information

I wrote:
> Fraser Campbell wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I have backported unstable's php 4.2.3 packages to woody and 
> > I've been using 
> > them successfully for a few months.  I am rather concerned 
> > about security so 
> > I sent the following message to the php-general mailing list. 
> >  So far I have 
> > no response (granted less than a full day since I posted).  
> > I'm wondering if 
> > someone here might be able to help me with my questions ...
> > 
> For personal and client's needs, I debianized 4.3.2 (for the 
> testing branch,
> for woody this will need some tweaking) lately and offered them to the
> official deb maintainer, with no answer for at least a week 
> now. If anyone
> likes to get them, I'll make them available for download 
> somewhere (only the
> diffs, not the complete debs).
As requested, the diffs are avaiable for download. Apply with "patch -p 1".
Some notes:
- I didn't get the domxml stuff working, so this extension is not really
built. I'll fix that soon.
- the "php4" binary from php4-cgi is in fact the CLI binary, which doesn't
output Content-type headers and friends
- the "php4.cgi" binary is the one for CGI usage.
- Both share the same config file, /etc/php4/cgi/php.ini
- I throughly tested the mysql and gd extensions, as most of the application
I need 4.3.x for rely on these
- all tests from "make test" passed

The URL: http://www.netwake.de/php-4.3.2-debian_sarge-diff.gz

Have fun! Comments, suggestions and bug fixes are welcome ;-)

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