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Re: File Group Ownership in Samba


Here is an example from one of my Samba machines;

comment = Foo Directories
path = /var/foo
browseable = yes
writeable = yes
write list = @samba @adm
create mask = 0664
directory mask = 0474
directory security mask = 0777
inherit permissions = yes
max connections = 10
hide dot files = no
guest ok = no
force user = foo
force group = foo

In this example, do you see the force user and force group entries above? Whenever someone creates a file under this share, it always is owned by user:group foo:foo.

And, by including this group for each user, I can permit them access to perhaps read or write files, or have any access at all.

I would recomend that you read the smb.conf man page again. There are a lot of options in there, but be patient. After you have read it all, try again.

Kay-Michael Voit wrote:
this isn't only Debian related, and perhaps it isn't even Samba
relatet (but directory), but I#M quite new to this all.
I'm running a Samba Server (from Debian stable). Now I want files
that users create with Windows clients in the Samba directories to
have another group than the primary group of the user. (For Debian
creates a group for each user as primary group and there are multiple
users who access the same data these file have to have a common group)
How can I achieve this? Is there something like create group (like
create mask)?
I read the manpage, but I didn't find anything.

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