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ntop with Imagestream WANic


Has anyone had any luck using nTop to watch traffic over ImageStream
WAN Interface Cards?  According to nTop, "on some Linux distributions,
the libpcap package is broken" [http://www.ntop.org/faq.txt].  Is this
the case with Debian 3.0?

When listening to HDCL Serial port, I get this error:

	Warning: arptype 15 not supported by libpcap - falling back to
	cooked socket

My goal is to use a program which will export the traffic of a Linux
based router's Serial (HDCL, FR) interface, so that I can use Ntop to
analyze the packets.  I was told by the people at ISis that "tcpdump
doesn't export traffic", and that I would need to use nProbe to send
nTop netFlow formatted packets to make any sense out of it.  Is this a
true statement?

Would anyone care to share their solutions?


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