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your win new credit card

I have signed up for a new Credit Card and I thought this might interest you. 
It is called the Eufora MasterCard,  The Income Opportunity Credit Card. Here's
the deal...
The day you applied for a credit card and every time you use it, some affiliate
marketing company is getting rich! The Eufora MasterCard has created an
opportunity where YOU are the one who will get paid!
Credit Card affiliate companies have been around since the 70s. You have seen 
them at college campuses and airports, and you most definitely have received 
direct mail from them. Each time someone signs up for a credit card, these
affiliate companies get paid by the bank, and keep getting paid for as long as
you keep your card! Eufora has taken that concept and for the first time, has 
given the opportunity to US.
- 1.9% APR for five billings, Then 9.9% after that.
- No Balance Transfer Fees.
- New Car Sweepsatkes each month.  Take you pick!*
- Eufora pays you an ONGOING, ANNUAL Income Stream.
- Eufora has been called
  "The most innovative Credit Card program since the AT&T Card."
Here is an Example:
10 Referrals = $900 PER YEAR
100 Referrals = $9,000 PER YEAR
1000 Referrals = $90,000 PER YEAR
Eufora also gives away a new car each month* and in the future plans to give a
car away each day! For every $100 you spend on your Eufora card you will
automatically receive one Sweepstakes entry in the drawing each month. Best of
all, if you win, you can pick from one of 25 different cars!
Check out: http://www.goeufora.com/404121487795  

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