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Sarge CD-ROM installation

Hi --

I just downloaded an ISO image of Sarge disk 1 (a June 1 snapshot) and when booting it acts differently than any Debian CD I've used before. I'm at a loss as to how to install the system with it.

After the kernel boots, it comes up with a very simple text menu with five choices: 1) choose language ; 2) detect keyboard; 3) detect CDROM; 4) Load installer modules; and 5) Verify CD contents.

I step through the first three choices OK, but when you get to choice 4 you are presented with a list of about 38 modules and given no information about which ones might be necessary. I've tried selecting various combinations (including all 38) but always get various errors about modules not being found.

Has anyone here tried installing a sarge ISO? If so, can you help me get past this and into the main installlation program?



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