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Re: Mail architecture for up 30.000 accounts

JawMail: Give the free JawMail A try. I'm using it here and it's 
great. Also, if you have any problems, the programmer will assist you 
quite quickly. It's worth trying. It directly connects to the IMAP-
Server, supports folders etc. as well.

On 30 May 2003 at 10:33, Carlos L.M. wrote:

>  I need a sample of mail architecture for up 30.000
> accounts. Can you help me ??
>  For software, I would use this:
>   SMTP: Postfix
>   IMAP: Courier
>   POP3: Courier
>   Authtentication and user preferences: MySQL
>   Webmail: IMP
>   Anti-spam: spamassassin
>   Anti-virus: F-Prot
> Any help are welcome, and sorry for my bad english.

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