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[PEAR-DEV] Re: Proposal: A need for simple development helping tools/scripts

Hi Jesus,

This sounds like a good idea to me.  I'd like to see my quick and dirty 
hack made into a clean and pretty tool combined with your work.

create_package.xml.php relies upon phpDocumentor's Io class, so perhaps 
the nice features of Io could be incorporated into one of the File_* 


Jesus M. Castagnetto wrote:
> I remember that Greg mentioned that he built a script to generate a package.xml
> file. That would be a boon for PEAR packages with a complex tree. I saw that
> script in the phpDocumentor's CVS tree (scripts/create_package.xml), and with
> some little tinkering it could be adapted to be general.
> On the same note, as I am writing unit tests for my PEAR packages (as time
> permits), I ended up writing a quick-and-dirty script to generate a skeleton
> for a unit test class, not too fancy, just the basics. It lives now in
> Math_Stats/test/mkUnitTest.php until it finds a better home.
> Now, the proposal. Why not put this type of tools on a 'tools' dir on PEAR's
> CVS?, that way developers can make ready use of them. I do not think these
> tools would be of general user interest, so they do not need to be part of the
> pear packager, unless someone has a better rationale.
> If such things are needed, what other scripts would need to be written?
> Ideas/suggestions/pointers/recommendations?
> Cheers.
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