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Re: Large Hard Disks and Debian

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Andrew Miehs wrote:

> Hi all,
> does anyone have any experience with large IDE disks on Debian?
> I was interested in buy a couple of Western Digital 250GB Disks for
> backup purposes...
> And secondly, does Serial ATA work properly in Woody? or do I need a
> new Kernel?
> Thanks
> Andrew

As far as I know theres no problem with large disk support in 2.4, as for
Serial ATA, make sure that you get a decent card thats supported by the

Serial ATA itself is transparent to the OS, you just need to be careful
with onboard stuff.

My mistake was buying an onboard sata raid promise controller and got
stuck with a piece of crap binary that taints my kernel when I load it
(unless you run a certain release of redhat/slackware/). It works, but
only just.

I'd stay well clear of promise if you want it to work under Debian.


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