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RE: proxy help

You can use ntlm, this is an open source python application which does
the authentication for you (try googling for it, I don't remember the
URL) on NT. You use it on PC1 as a child-proxy. You put the NT username
and password in its config file and let MSN Messenger communicate
through this ntlm. This is however a very dirty solution ;).

I personally think it is a damn bug in MSN that it is not able to do
this kind of thing. At the office I work we have M$-Proxy
(unfortunately) which gives the same trouble. It is a shame that two M$
products cannot work together properly.... But hey, what would you
expect from the guys who brought you edlin? ;)


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I am working in a scope plenty of MS windows, we have the oportunity to
start to replace some of them by linux. 

We need to solve this problem :


	PC 1		 default		
	MS win ---------   gw     ----------- gateway
			   PC1			|
						| ip public

in the linux box we have a proxy squid , it authenticate against PDC (
MS win NT) , everything works OK (with samba , winbindd ) . An user from
PC1 can acced to internet using Linux as a proxy and authenticating
itsel against PDC.

But the user in PC1 wants to use MSN and netmeeting :-)

I tryed to configure netmeeting to use HTTP proxy pointing to Linux Box
and in the linux box put 

/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p tcp --dport 1863 -j
REDIRECT --to-port 3128 

when the user tun MSN , it ask userid and password (this does not happen
when it uses a browser because it is authenticated directly against the
PDC) , when the user introduce de userid  and password , the squid give
tcp denied , and the user can not connect.

Surely I am doing some mistake , can anybody help me ?



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