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Re: Is sendmail trusted-user feature broken?

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, John Sigerson wrote:

> X-Authentication-Warning: eirweb2.chvlva.adelphia.net: apache set
> sender to johnsig@larouchepub.com using -f
> The docs indicate that "apache" needs to be added as a "trusted
> user", and so I added "apache" to /etc/mail/trusted-users; added
> FEATURE(`use_ct_file')dnl to /etc/mail/sendmail.mc, did make,
> and restarted sendmail. (For testing, I also did not include
> authwarnings as one of the privacy flags.)
> But still, this pesky X-Authentication-Warning will not go away!
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

First, make sure this (or something darn near like it) is indeed
in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf:
	Ft/etc/mail/trusted-users %[^\#]

Now, if this process actually winds up invoking sendmail binary
vs talking to port 25, you'll also need to add that FEATURE
to /etc/mail/submit.mc and remake (no restart required).

Welcome to the world of split personality sendmail :)

> I read that the trusted-user feature was entirely disabled
> in sendmail versions 8.1 through 8.6, but then was revived.
> Does that have anything to do with it?

No, and I don't recall seeing that, but 'tis been a while :)

Rick Nelson
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