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Re[2]: PPP-Server

which RADIUS server do you suggest for this purpose

RC> On Sat, 14 Jun 2003 23:29, Mohammed Berzig wrote:
>> >can someone give me just a small hint, what I need to set um a PPP
>> >Server? I only need something to search for, as I have no idea how
>> >this works, for i have been working only with LAN connections and ADSL
>> >for years.
>> >
>> >I want to set um a server which i can call with laptop an cell phone.
>> You can use portslave ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/portslave/ )
>> with radius authentication.

RC> Portslave is in Debian, "apt-get install portslave" does the job.  It's 
RC> strongly recommended that you don't compile it yourself as it's a real pain 
RC> to compile (of course compiling via dpkg-buildpackage is easy enough).

RC> Portslave does require a RADIUS server for full functionality, but that's easy 
RC> enough to setup.  The RADIUS server can use the phone number of the caller 
RC> etc as it sees fit (Portslave provides all the data if correctly configured).  
RC> You should theoretically be able to get it working in a minimal way without 
RC> RADIUS, but as no-one tests that it may not work...

RC> Portslave can provide logins via ssh, telnet, or spawning /bin/login as well 
RC> as SLIP and PPP.

Best regards,
 Kay-Michael                            mailto:debian@voits.net

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