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Re: SSL wrapping of Outlook ?

W.D. McKinney wrote:
Question: We run sslwrap for POP3 wrapping and I see Outlook for XP when
 selecting Advanced Options and using SSL enabled for both SMTP and POP
 connections, that with Ethereal the clear text password is still there
 in view ?
Is this an SSL issue or an Outlook bug ? Previous verions of Outlook only showed a handshake between the MTU and
 ssl connection.
Anyone have any ideas how to make Outlook XP not show the password ?

Outlook is very buggy.
I think at technet (or it was in usenet) you can read a lot of articles to the SSL problem in Outlook. There are different issues with SSL depending on the Outlook version and patchlevel. I would say: It is much luck if an Outlook user can use SSL secured POP3 and SMTP servers.

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