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Re: {G} Clamav + Amavas + Exim4 + correct config ????

On Wednesday 11 June 2003 11:24, Gregory Machin wrote:
> Could someone please advise me on the correct config of these three
> together as exim is working grate and don't want a lot ov down time..
> if you have working config's i could look @ that'd be grate ..

I don't know if amavis is a requirement for you, but I tried to setup exim4 
(in sid) with the exisscan patch and clamav and works good for me (though I 
still have to test it in a production environment). If you need amavis, you 
can throw this mail away...

You may find instructions on how to quickly build an exim4 deb with the 
exiscan patch in a post of Andreas Metzler (search for exiscan):

The patch, including a working configuration sample and the docs can be found 

Just my two cents, bye, Javier

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