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Re: Samba & LDAP

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 11:48:13AM +0200, Hirling Endre wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 16:35, Bastian Winkler wrote:
> > if you are using samba with "--with-ldapsam", samba is looking for the
> > lmPassword and ntPassword attributes in ldap. it is no problem to keep
> > this password in sync with a small script and samba set "unix password
> > sync = yes" in your smb.conf. if you really want to use the
> > unix-passwords with samba you must not use encrypted passwords :-( 
> > read ENCRYPTION.html in the samba-doc package for this problem.
> FYI samba can do 'ldap passwd sync' when it modifies the LDAP password
> directly with a modify_password LDAP operation. No need for scripts,
> passwd chat, etc. This works with the samba package in sid, it has to be
> patched, though, because the password change operation is no longer
> experimental in slapd v2.1 which is also in sid.

i know, this option is in samba since 3.0-alpha20. it works really
great, but i my case samba-3.0-alpha was not stable enough for production 
use. does this option also work with kpasswd in openldap? i store my
passwords in kerberos, its no problem to keep this in sync with
"passwd chat"



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