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Re: loadbalancing

Quoting Joost Veldkamp <joost.veldkamp@atobemobile.com>:

> We're using old cisco Localdirectors for loadbalancing between
> webservers. These need to be replaced by something else, because they
> are EOL.
> Are there software packages that can do the same as the localdirector,
> with failover functionality?  
> I looked at ultramonkey.org, (it has woody packages;-) ) and i'm
> wondering if this is the best solution, or if there are other packages
> around that might be of more use.
Of course you can use Linux Virtual Server for load balancing. But if you 
want something between do it yourself and the high-end big-bucks products 
you can have a look at the B100 from One4net. It is Linux based but that is 
not so relevant because it behaves like a hardware box that is manageable 
with different software tools.


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