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Re: Slightly OT: They're forcing me to install Red Hat

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 01:45:06PM +0200, Tom?s N??ez Lirola wrote:
> My boss is forcing me to install Red Hat. I am the sysad, and I personally
> prefer Debian, but it don't seem to be a reason for him. He worries about
> Oracle not giving support to Debian users. But we don't have any Oracle
> server, he worries for the future.

he worries too much.  anything could happen in the future.  by the time you get
around to running oracle (if you even do), you may be running on completely
different hardware (e.g. intel or amd's 64 bit CPUs).

worry about what you need now, and what you definitely KNOW that you will need
within 6 or 12 months...anything else is pointless.

> So, can you give me reasons to convince him to install Debian? I don't know
> Red Hat very well, because I've never felt comfortable with it (but this
> don't seem to be a reason for anyone :( ).

there was a story about oracle on debian in the latest Debian Weekly News which
might help:

    Oracle on Debian. Alex Malinovich [11]described his experience
    installing Oracle 9i Developer Suite on Debian sid (unstable).
    Overall, the installation is relatively painless. The installer will
    handle most of the process just fine, however there are a few caveats,
    which Alex deals with in his article.

     11. http://www.the-love-shack.net/oracle-on-sid.html

btw, as others have pointed out, postgresql is an excellent open-source
substitute for oracle which meets the needs of most users.  unless you have a
specific application that only runs on oracle, you are much better off with

finally, if your database needs are heavy, you will want a dedicated database
server - there's no reason why you can't have mostly debian machines plus one
RedHat Oracle server (tightly locked down so that only your debian machines can
access it, of course).  if your db needs AREN'T heavy then you almost certainly
don't need Oracle.


ps: one last possibility is to install debian but change the MOTD and other
messages so that it says RedHat :-)

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