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Re: multiple hisax ?

Hello Leonardo,

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Leonardo Boselli wrote:

> can i put more than one hisax driven card in the same machine ?
> either the same model or different ?

You can put as much cards in your machine as you have interrupts and
IO-Ports (mostly for ISA-Cards). Years ago we had a machine with two Teles
Cards, an ITK-IX1 Micro and two AVM-Fritz Cards running for PPP-dialin.

The only problem we noticed was that after some time one of the cards did
not respond to the ISDN bus until the Hisax for the card was reloaded. We
used one HiSax for every card to adress this issue - but you can of course
use one driver for all cards you install. The above mentioned problem may
also be due to the PBX the cards were connected to. 

And about once in a month the machine was frozen - but well - this was at
kernel 2.0.36 and friends and may have changed in the meantime.

If you need four to sixteen B-Channel - either use active ISDN-Cards such
as the AVM B1 or get a dedicated routerbox for that. If you have a PRI
Interface get a used Lucent Portmaster PM-III. Theses machines are rock
solid and they sell for about 250 Bucks at ebay - and they do up to 60
Linus and also serve Analog Modems. You can get further information at
www.portmasters.com If you're stuck to BRI-Interfaces I'd look for a Cisco
2610 with an NM-4B or NM-8B. The Cisco solution should be the same price
as active ISDN-Boards and the used portmaster is the same price as the
four passive Cards. If you're looking for BRI there may be also solutions
that sell cheaper - such as Bintec perhaps. 

Kind regards
Torsten Krueger

Media Online Internet Services & Marketing GmbH
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