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OT: good open source (or other) MUAs that work under Windoze

I don't want to start a flame war - please?

I run a small Email list server and my own mail server for some
psychotherapy charities.  I runs Debian stable and everything except
the antiviral scanner is open source, free and I'd love it all my
computing could be that way, but my mortgage paying job ties me to M$
and Windoze and for at least a decade, from before I discovered open
source, I used Pegasus as my MUA.  I now think it's past its sell by
date and that Pegasus and I must divorce so I'm looking at
alternatives.  (I'm also playing with wikis so if you want to read the
story so far, try http://www.psyctc.org/cgi-bin/wiki1.pl?HomePage)

It's suddenly occurred to me that I may be wrong to assume that there
are no good open source MUAs that run under windoze, and I thought
that this might be a good place to ask the people most likely to have
had to try them or deal with the problems that they and other MUAs
cause, so here I am asking a little OT but hoping people will point me
to things I can try.



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   and Therapeutic Communities; practice, research, 
   teaching and consultancy.
Chris Evans & Jo-anne Carlyle
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