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Re: Slightly OT: They're forcing me to install Red Hat

I've spent time in both redhat & debian (though mostly in debian)

apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade -s ; apt-get upgrade # if OK

...is zero $

up2date 	# $50 per year per machine.
		# fewer built in packages

If $ is a concern to your boss, then postgres is probably the equal of
oracle for most people. Postgres is supported on debian.

Another factor, moving from potato to woody was trivial.

I **think** the upgrade process for redhat involves fdisk....but this may
be different for the $500 enterprise version.

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Tomàs Núñez Lirola wrote:

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> Hi
> My boss is forcing me to install Red Hat. I am the sysad, and I personally
> prefer Debian, but it don't seem to be a reason for him. He worries about
> Oracle not giving support to Debian users. But we don't have any Oracle
> server, he worries for the future.
> So, can you give me reasons to convince him to install Debian? I don't know
> Red Hat very well, because I've never felt comfortable with it (but this
> don't seem to be a reason for anyone :( ).
> Sorry for the slightly OT
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