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[no subject] "mutt -y" speed "Release-critical" bugs (was: Re: Processed: yawn) 'package of the week' (sin asunto) Re: *****SPAM***** (????)?????? ?????????????? ??????????... Re: *****SPAM***** (?¤°í)´ç???? ?鸸???Ú???´?? ??´ëÇ?´?´?... Re: *****SPAM***** (?¤°í)´ç???? ?鸸???Ú???´?? ??´ëÇ?´?´?... *****SPAM***** [광=고]주가예측안내프로그램 *****SPAM***** Re:필요하시다는것 여기다 있습니다. /dev/apm_bios perms 664? /dev/ptmx suid root tty device file - Who owns this? 0.01-6 > 0.1-3 ????? 88 Priority violations in woody Re: GNU FDL (was Re: Bug#141561: gnu-standards: Non-free =?iso-8859-15?q?software in?= main) [ Request for Help ] Re: BTS improvements (was: Re: 88 Priority violations in woody Re: [2002-04-06] Release Status Update Re: [2002-04-16] Release Status Update Re: [2002-04-30] Release Status Update [ Bug#141688: FTBFS: config.sub/guess out of date] [ heimdal_0.4e-14_i386.changes REJECTED] [PORPOSAL] The current NM process impairs Debian quality [REQ] rebuild gmetadom, gtkmathview and lablgtkmathview on HPPA Re: [SDL] SDL 1.2.4 debian packages [Sid] SSMTP and LF bug ?? [sorry!] Re: [tela] strange buildd error on hppa--please have a look [VAC] 6th to 14th April, Pembrokeshire [WARNING] Broken libxml2 2.4.19-2 in unstable [woody] bug in xfree packages ? Re: Accepted gettext 0.10.40-5 (i386 all source) Re: Accepted gettext 0.10.40-6 (i386 all source) Fw: Accepted glibc 2.2.5-5 (sparc source) Re: Accepted traceroute 1.4a12-6 (i386 source) Adding a Pre-Depends on debconf in console-common? ALERTA: Virus detectado en un documento enviado por Ud. Announcing debian-ammonia 1.0 Antigen found =*.pif file Any CAML people want to take over efuns? Any DDs out there with a Nomad Jukebox? Re: Anybody want to adopt cdrecord? Apache 1.3.22? Apache2 Debian Packages Aprenda o mejore sus idiomas Assistance required for procps bug at 3.1.8-10.2 segfaults auric is dead baby, auric is dead ... autobuilder question Automatic build of autofs_3.9.99-4.0.0pre10-1 on elara fails Bastian Gläßer/PD/Kreditwerk ist außer Haus. because it isn't said enough bin==1 boot floppy install bootstrapping build process? Broken build deps in woody BSP? BTS improvements (was: Re: 88 Priority violations in woody Bug #139241: anyone can help? Bug #140769: frozen-bubble: RC bug Re: Bug#122642: ITP: ggz -- gaming network system Re: Bug#128852: doc-linux-text: Suggested addition to package: rank newbie pointers Bug#138659: RFP: gil -- GTK ISDN Launcher (was: Bug#138659: isdnutils-xtools: Add Gi to this package) Re: Bug#139945: ITP: prokyon3 -- a multithreaded MP3 manager and tag editor for Linux. Re: Bug#140103: ITP: alliance -- VLSI CAD system Re: Bug#140183: aspell does install or depend on any languages Re: Bug#140349: ITP: cvs-conf -- Manage your configuration files via CVS Bug#140760: wnpp: ITP: keybled - KDE keyboard LED applet Bug#140848: ITP: rocks -- Make network sockets reliable in a transparent way Bug#140863: ITP: babygimp -- An icon editor in Perl-Tk Bug#140943: ITP: ecb -- Source Code Browser for Emacs Bug#140947: ITP: libdigest-md4-perl -- MD4 Message Digest for Perl Bug#140948: ITP: libterm-readpassword-perl -- ask the user for a password Bug#140951: ITP: libcrypt-cracklib-perl -- interface to cracklib Bug#140985: ITP: rbot -- IRC bot written in ruby Re: Bug#141070: ITP: aptconf -- debconf infrastructure for setting up apt sources Bug#141070: ITP: aptconf -- debconf infrastructure for setting up apt sources Bug#141099: ITP: xpilot-ng -- XPilot game "next generation" Bug#141126: ITP: konq-speaker -- text-to-speech plugins for Konqueror and Kate Bug#141206: Ghostscript: Copyright problem, possible reorg, upcoming maintainer change Bug#141316: ITP: doomlegacy -- Port of the Doom engine that supports SDL and OpenGL Bug#141345: ITP: sextractor -- Builds a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image. Bug#141352: ITP: xmedcon -- medical image conversion Bug#141450: ITP: jackit -- JACK low-latency sound server Bug#141476: ITP: ijs-dev -- IJS raster image transport protocol Bug#141479: general: Problem when try to install apmd Bug#141488: ITP: libsigc++-1.1 -- Development branch of SigC++ Bug#141494: ITP: fuse -- Filesystem in USErspace Re: Bug#141561: gnu-standards: Non-free software in main Re: Bug#141686: xbase: name clash with old XFree86 package Bug#141748: ITP: openca -- Open Source Certification Authority Bug#141847: O: dupload -- Utility to upload Debian packages. Bug#141858: ITP: cccp -- Console frontend to DCTC - Direct Connect (peer-based file-sharing) Bug#141945: ITP: nel -- game engine library with 3d, net, sound, pacs, ai Bug#142056: ITP: ngpt -- Next Generation POSIX Threading Bug#142065: ITP: cyrus2-sasl-mit - MIT Kerberos modules for sasl2 Bug#142207: ITP: billard-gl -- A billiard game using OpenGL Bug#142227: Info received (was [PORPOSAL] The current NM process impairs Debian quality) Bug#142235: O: x2x -- Link two X displays together, simulating a multiheaded display Bug#142264: ITP: usemod -- CGI-based Wiki clone Bug#142290: ITP: python-optik -- advanced command-line parsing library for Python Bug#142456: ITP: enigma -- A game where you control a marble with the mouse Bug#142458: ITP: med-imaging -- Debian Med imaging packages Bug#142459: ITP: med-imaging-dev -- Debian Med packages for medical image development Bug#142505: ITP: liblog-agent-logger-perl -- Application-level logging interface framework for perl Re: Bug#142705: pgi default configuration WIPES OUT whole filesystems without asking!!! Re: Bug#142710: bad depends Bug#142817: ITP: dchub -- dchub is a DC (Direct Connect) hub clone Re: Bug#142818: Menu icon policy (Was: Bug#142818: xteddy: Icons missing from menu entries) Bug#142901: ITP: med-tools -- Debian Med several tools Bug#142905: ITP: hotswap -- register/deregister hotswappable IDE hardware Bug#142932: ITP: globus -- Provides fundamental technologies to build computational grids Bug#143038: mICQ segfauls at start. Bug#143043: ITP: kronolith -- Web Based Calendar Manager Bug#143048: ITP: libnet-server-perl -- extensible, general Perl server engine Bug#143209: ITP: switchconf -- Change network config for laptops Bug#143244: ITP: ganglia -- a cluster monitoring environment Bug#143264: ITP: libctl -- Library for flexible control files. Bug#143266: ITP: mpb -- MIT Photonic-Bands Bug#143269: ITP: h5utils -- A collection of tools to visualize HDF5 files Re: Bug#143297: acm: ACM won't run on a 16 bpp TrueColor display Bug#143319: ITP: topal -- Links Pine and GnuPG together. Bug#143332: ITP: libnjb -- Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox driver library Bug#143343: ITP: webcamd -- Capture images from video devices and upload or save it in a directory Bug#143364: ITP: epiphany -- clone of BoulderDash Game Bug#143392: ITP: tun-tap -- Universal TUN/TAP device driver for 2.2.x kernels Bug#143442: ITP: zope-ldapuserfolder -- The Zope LDAP user folder Bug#143446: ITP: zope-cmfldap -- Zope CMF LDAP membership management tools Bug#143491: ITP: gktail -- Show the end of a file (logs) Bug#143525: ITP: pdftohtml -- Translates pdf documents into html and postscript formats. Bug#143530: ITP: wmufo -- This is wmseti on steroids! Bug#143548: ITP: ipm -- PHP-based tasklist/project management Bug#143565: ITP: wmsetimon -- Dock app which show you the current state of your SETI@Home units Bug#143568: ITP: ragel -- finite state machine to c/c++ compiler Bug#143659: ITP: jpilot-syncmal -- MAL plugin for jpilot (Palm Pilot desktop) The last update was on 07:02 GMT Sun Jun 24. There are 2582 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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