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Re: [SDL] SDL 1.2.4 debian packages

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 10:56:43AM -0700, Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > I'm hitting a bit of a stumbling block in preparing SDL 1.2.4 packages for
> > woody.  The problem is that SDL does not work with ALSA 0.9 yet (I will do
> > something about this at some point, really I will...)
> I've already implemented simple ALSA 0.9 support in SDL CVS.
> Possibly you could build a package off of that, after it's tested a bit?

So I saw about 10 minutes after sending the above message.

I have installed ALSA 0.9 here for the purposes of testing it.  The
problem is that the existing package in woody officially deserves a
cannot-build-from-source bug since it has two conflicting packages needed
to build it now.  I'll give it a few hours of extensive "testing" tomorrow
with frozen-bubble, Twilight, etc, etc, just to make sure the patch works

Most of the other patches to SDL since the version in woody now are only
compiled on archs we don't care about for the purposes of the Debian
package right now, so it's relatively safe to upload 1.2.4 - I'm just
concerned about the impending release of woody.  I still need to go
through the individial patches from 1.2.4cvs 20020303 to 1.2.4 release by
hand just to be sure that I don't break woody, but I'll be able to do that
tomorrow as well.  (This is why I asked for a -cvs list which included the

Anyway, if all tests well, it seems like the best solution is SDL 1.2.4
with the distclean and ALSA 0.9 patches you've applied to 1.2.5cvs is what
I should upload, and probably targetted for woody to fix the build from
source bug.  It may take me a couple of days to do this since I need to
test the hell out of it all between now and then.

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