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Bug#141070: ITP: aptconf -- debconf infrastructure for setting up apt sources

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Aptconf will allow users to configure sources.list via debconf.  It
will also contain a configlet for setting up sources.list via the
GNOME Control Center, in druids, and potentially other settings.

The architecture will treat the existing sources.list as the canonical
source for the current configuration; debconf will not be used as a
registry.  Additionally, every care will be taken to preserve user
edits - comments, hand-edited repositories, and so forth.

The primary user interface will consist of a list of repositories
(with user-friendly descriptions, like "Debian stable archive") and
the ability to select which will be active.  The list of repositories
shown will be configurable via repository descriptions dropped in a
directory.  Repositories with description will provide the option of
selecting mirrors and enabling deb-src lines.  Custom repositories and
CD-ROMs will also be supported.

Long-term, editing pins may also be supported, although it is not
planned for the first release.

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