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because it isn't said enough

I recently ran into this on my current project (blackbox window manager).

Too often as developers the people we talk to are the ones seeking help and
guidance.  Whether it is a bug, ignorance, stupidity, that crazy genius only
they will ever understand, whatever we deal with them, coddle them.  But in the
end they are usually the only people we deal with regularly.  It is a lot like
working tech support -- when someone wants to talk to us it is usally not a
mutual feeling (-:

So, I would just like to remind people to occasionally send a "thank you" to
those out there who make your day go by.  It really goes a long way to helping
us devel types deal with life.

In the past I had money and would buy one or two gifts a year for people who
really helped me out or did good things.  Most of us have experienced "man
what a horrible day/week/whatever" a few times in our lives.  Think back to one
of those days when someone gave you a beer, some chocolate, a hug.  Give this
to someone who has made your day go easier.  Whether it be the awesome new X
installer, debhelper making your package creation so painless, make-kpkg being
the coolest damn thing on earth, whatever.  Say thanks.  We all appreciate it.

If you need a silly reason to scrounge up $10 or $20 bucks, just remind
yourself how much you saved by not purchasing the 400megs of software on your
hard drive (-:  But as I said, just mailing out a big "thank you, your work is
used every day and I love it" is worth more than anything.

I now return you to the flame war, may his chosen deity have mercy on his soul.

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