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Re: [2002-04-16] Release Status Update

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> Hi all,
> Unhappily, the "move postgresql from non-US to main" part of the
> "crypto-in-main" transition was harder than expected due to a library
> package rename (libpgsql2 in stable had be renamed to libpgsql2.1 in
> woody, but has since been renamed back to libpgsql2). This means that
> everything that used to link against the postgresql libraries needed
> to be rebuilt, which tends to take a while. It's mostly been done now,
> and consequently, postgresql in woody will be updated with the next
> mirror pulse.
> Unfortunately, this hasn't been without its casualties. The following
> packages have been removed since they haven't been properly updated for
> the new postgresql, or depend on things that haven't be properly updated
> for the new postgresql.
> 	beancounter
> 	courier-ssl

Hm, unfortunately I cannot figure out why courier-ssl was removed.
I rebuild it for libpgsql2. Can you please tell me what went wrong ?


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