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Re: Bug#141847: O: dupload -- Utility to upload Debian packages.

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 08:46:48AM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> >   Internal examination. How about talking about those tons of orphaned
> >   packages that noone uses rather that discussing about whether we have
> >   to keep one out of two small tools which have both many users? 
> An excellent point. We *should* be more aggressive about dumping things
> no one wants to maintain. So why did you attack someone who raised a
> question about one particular package? The question was answered, move

  You got me wrong. I talked about packages noone uses, not about
  packages noone wants to maintain, this is quite different.
  On the one side, there are packages that noone maintains and 
  that noone cares about their removal. On the other side, there
  are unmaintained packages that have a lot of users. I'm not
  in favour of removing the latter. 

> on. No one's preventing anyone from doing anything, just asking
> questions.

  Alright. Let's forget about this.

Jérôme Marant

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