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Re: [2002-04-30] Release Status Update

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 10:11, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 08:03:00PM +1000, Brian May wrote:
> > > So, it's April 30th (for most of the planet, anyway), which probably means
> > > folks are beginning to get mildly curious about whether woody'll actually
> > > be ready for release tomorrow. The answer is a definite "kind-of". Which
> > > is to say, "no".
> > 
> > Where was it mentioned that there might be a release tommorrow?
> Euh, in his previous post to debian-devel-announce, which was then relayed
> to all the related news sites?

I see two messages posted to debian-devel-announce:

16 Apr 2002 18:38:57 +1000: doesn't seem to mention freeze or release
date once.

30 Apr 2002 19:04:06 +1000: posted day before.

There was one posted sometime last year, but I have never seen any
confirmation if it was still valid or not (I was under the impression
from the above posts that we were running rather late compared with this
schedule, which I can't find right now).

Anyway, in hindsight, it looks like it was a big mistake trying to move
Krb4 and Heimdal from non-us into main. I don't know why krb4 didn't get
into Debian, but Heimdal did, even though Heimdal (0.4e-15) depends and
build-depends on the latest krb4 (1.1-10.1), but unless Anthony can do
something to correct this, it looks like all of these packages will have
to be dropped for woody:

krb4, heimdal, libpam-heimdal, libsasl-gssapi-heimdal, and arla (did I
miss any?)
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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