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Re: Apache2 Debian Packages

Quoting Thom May (thom@debian.org):

> > Very nice :)   But I have 2 things:
> > 1) Where's apache2-modules?  Subversion depends on them!
> Subversion needs to update :) Happily, I don't have to be back compat, but I
> will add a provides for apache2-modules. We scrapped the seperate deb as it 
> was pointless.

Well, it's a bit confusing. DannyS also released Apache2 packages a
while ago. Are you two working together, or do we get Apache2-Thom and
Apache2-DannyS packages? :)

> > 2) Why is apache2 compiled against libdb3, and not libdb4?
> Cos I wanted testers, and didn't feel like answering billions of emails 
> all saying "Where are libdb4.0 packages?" ;-) 

Hmm :)  I'm testing Apache2 with SVN, so I need libdb4 ;)  Do you have
your diff.gz and orig.tar.gz files available somewhere?  iirc they
weren't at your p.d.o/~thom/ site.


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