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Bug #139241: anyone can help?


During one of the last upgrades my build-systems for a whole lot of 
documentation (including my PhD-thesis :-() broke due to a new
bug^H^H^Hfeature in ps2epsi: It refuses to generate bounding boxes which
makes LaTeX bark at them.  I have been trying to track it down whole day
now but this has turned out to be more tricky than I'd expected.  :-(

One thing seems certain: the bug is not in gs-common, but in gs
6.53-2 (or earlier).  Also, it seems to be a genuine bug and not a
misinterpretation of ps2epsi's purpose, as a thorough web-search

The reason why it's so tricky is that I cannot find .diff.gz and .dsc
files for old versions, which makes binary searches through the
diffs impossible.  Are they still available somewhere and if so,
where?  Alternatively: does anybody have more knowledge of the whole gs
stuff and tell me what to look out for?  Right now I cannot even tell for
sure whether this comes from upstream...

Richard B. Kreckel

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