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Re: Bug #140769: frozen-bubble: RC bug

Le dim 14/04/2002 à 14:06, Rob Bradford a écrit :
> Package: frozen-bubble
> Version: 0.9.2-9
> Severity: critical
> Frozen-bubble is holding up the release process as all the developers
> are now hooked and are no longer working on woody, hence the RC status
> as this package is single handedly holding the whole release process
> back. 
> Either the game is made less addictive or it should be removed until
> after woody is released. 
> The fate of the woody lies in your hands. =)

This is really annoying.

Maybe we have to find a way to prevent the game from working on the
developers' machines.
Does anyone mind my adding a conflict with debhelper (and maybe
libc6-dev) ?

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