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Announcing debian-ammonia 1.0

Hi all!

After lots of work, debian-ammonia 1.0 has been released.
Please see the website, http://projects.azale.net/debian-ammonia/
to download it.

If you just want to try it out, see the run of it on UWA's debian 
mirror here:

It does find some problems in Woody; they do appear to be real - what do
we want to do about those? The "Critical" errors generally mean the
package won't install, and that does appear to be the case for these

What's changed (in brief):
 * no longer write out HTML files, it now writes out gdbm files 
   that are both space efficient and potentially useful for other
 * nicer web interface that is much more useful / specific in 
   giving out information
 * fixed memory usage and high disk space / inode usage issues.

Please send me your feedback!

Output when you run the actual command line program is quite verbose; I
decided to actually make a release rather than fixing every little
thing. Feel free to send me patches :-)


Grahame Bowland <grahame@azale.net>

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