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boot floppy install

I just tried out the latest boot floppies to install a system.  It used
to be that I could use the net to get drivers.tgz and do the entire
install.  I used 2.4.17-bf2.4 based floppies to install the entire
system via the net.  Now with 2.4.18-bf2.4 I cant do this.  Why the
change?  Is this a bug in the boot floppies, or is this something thats
known? It makes no sense to me that something this handy would be
removed. Just thought I would see how the install process is coming
along a day or two before the release happens.  From what Ive seen the
bf2.4 floppies have gotten worse since last I used them back in
February. Any ideas?
-Peace kid
  Scott Henson	shenson2@wvu.edu

"God's the ultimate playa, so naturally He's going to have some haters,"
rapper Ice Cube said. "But these haters need to realize that  if you
mess with the man upstairs, you will get your ass smote. True dat."

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