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Re: BSP?

Alan James <alan@tomun.org> writes:

> Maybe I'll have a look at creating a dict-debian, there seem to be
> quite a few potential entries :-)

     Joey Hess started one several years ago, but abandoned it when I
offered to incorporate his work into dict-foldoc.  We discussed (I
think on -devel) whether or not it should be a stand alone package or
be incorporated in an existing dictionary.  Most, but not all, of the
Debian-specific terms that I have submitted have been incorporated
upstream.  Ones that have not yet been incorporated upstream are
inserted by me in the Debian package.

     If you submit proposed new definitions to me, I will add them to
the Debian package.  Acronyms without a separate definition would go
into vera, while terms with definitions, and acronyms for these terms,
go into foldoc.

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