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Re: Bug #140769: frozen-bubble: RC bug

This one time, at band camp, Rob Bradford wrote:
>Package: frozen-bubble
>Version: 0.9.2-9
>Severity: critical
>Frozen-bubble is holding up the release process as all the developers
>are now hooked and are no longer working on woody, hence the RC status
>as this package is single handedly holding the whole release process

Nice tautology.

>Either the game is made less addictive or it should be removed until
>after woody is released. 

There's a simple workaround.  Once you finish level 50 it gets very boring.

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Ah yes.  The `graduate'.  A measure of how fucked-up a software project
is.  Simple linear scale, no upper bound, the lower the value the less
fucked-up the project.
        -- Matt McLeod in a.s.r

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