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/dev/ptmx suid root tty device file - Who owns this?

Evening ladies and gents,

got a file here that's set suid root as a tty device.

	$ dpkg -S /dev/ptmx
	dpkg: /dev/ptmx not found

doing a 

	$ grep ptmx -r /var/lib/dpkg/ | less

shows the tetex-base tetex-extra packages and their font installs, it
does not show any device creation calls for this specific device.

I know that a grep -i ptmx -r kernel-source-2.4.18/ will show a
Pseudo-tty which is fine. The devices.txt shows that it's a Master pty
for the pty master multiplex, and the lettering positions within the pty array

I'm looking to find out what it's specific usage is, as in at the device
level is this a template file used to carbon the ttys off of? If not, why
is it set for the global array for the entire x series? Or is this file
acting as a device fifo for IPC processes?

I've run this against woody and sid with no ownership found. Other than
it being part of the base*.tgz I can't see what package owns it or any
other data on it other than device type.

I do see in the man page that it says some devices will not be
recorded as being owned by a package if it was created by a postinst, I
don't see in any of the install or system logs this device being
created. So to me that begs the question, who owns this file's creation?

Anyone out there know what package(s) specificly create(s) this device?

David D.W. Downey <david-downey@codecastle.com>
Upstream - libpam-pgsql.codecastle.com
Debian - Woody: 0.5.2-2   Sid: 0.5.2-3
State - bugs.debian.org/libpam-pgsql

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