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"mutt -y" speed


I have configured "mutt -y" so it returns a list of a number of
Maildirs, and noticed something strange in performance.

When I first turn on my computer, then scrolling through the list is
nice and fast, but after I leave the computer on for 12 hours or more,
it slows down considerably, and can't keep up (I push the down arrow to
scroll down, and it continues to scroll down even after I let go). I
can't work out why...

At one stage, I thought it might be related to the speed of my LDAP
server (the problem goes away if I remove it from nsswitch.conf),
however, I can't see any evidence that the LDAP server
(localhost) is slowing down.

I have tried restarting the LDAP server, but this doesn't help.

ANy ideas? Thanks in advance.

(sorry about the rushed E-Mail)

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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