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Apt-get question Re: Architecture: all versus linux-any autopkgtest + chroot howto ? - Was: Re: Is it possible to run autopkgtest without a virtual machine ? Aw: Re: Valve games for Debian Developers Better pdiff handling for apt Re: Bits from the Release Team: Architecture health check Broken link Re: Re: Bug#1393: dpkg does not need splitting Re: Bug#274229: System accounts with valid shells Bug#64071: marked as done (menu: Automatically generated files should not go to /etc) Bug#672104: Last call for pv-grub-menu. Re: Bug#682045: libtool: please mark libtool multi-arch: allowed Bug#727708: init multiple instances of a daemon Re: Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian. Re: Bug#729224: ITP: gcovr -- Summarize code coverage results from gcov Bug#732622: snp-sites: ITP First time debian snp-sites package Re: Bug#732878: Add MariaDB as an alternative dependency Re: Bug#733029: dpkg-buildpackage: disable signing by default (-us -uc should be the default) Bug#733033: ocl-icd-libopencl1: arch-dependent file in "Multi-Arch: same" package Bug#733045: debhelper: Can debhelper make autotools-dev updating default behaviour? Re: Bug#733634: ITP: gevent-socketio -- Socket.IO server based on the Gevent pywsgi server Bug#733849: ITP: libb2 -- BLAKE2 family of hash functions Bug#733860: ITP: pond -- Forward secure, asynchronous messaging for the discerning. Bug#733880: ITP: mediaelement -- HTML5 <audio> or <video> player with Flash and Silverlight shims Bug#733903: ITP: libmodule-want-perl -- module to check @INC only once for wanted modules Bug#733910: ITP: ckon -- automatic build tool for ROOT analyses Re: Bug#733912: RFP: s6 - a small suite of programs for UNIX, designed to allow process supervision Bug#733922: ITP: libgit-cpan-patch-perl -- Git commands for CPAN distributions Bug#733922: ITP: libmoosex-app-perl Bug#733937: ITP: fonts-google-crosextra-caladea -- Caladea is metric-compatible with Cambria Bug#733941: ITP: jenkins-constant-pool-scanner -- Simple utility to scan Java bytecode for class references in the constant pool Bug#733978: ITP: libmousex-configfromfile-perl -- abstract Mouse role for setting attributes from a configfile Bug#733989: ITP: r-cran-testthat -- GNU R testsuite Bug#734033: ITP: libmoosex-app-perl Bug#734040: ITP: flask-migrate -- SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic Re: Bug#734053: please remove the base pseudo package Bug#734075: ITP: astroid -- rebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Python's AST Bug#734112: ITP: b2sum -- BLAKE2 family of hash functions -- command-line tool Bug#734131: ITP: python-jmespath -- JSON Matching Expressions Bug#734167: ITP: node-ansi-color-table -- Tables for console with ansi colors and formatting support - Node.js module Bug#734201: ITP: libbackpan-index-perl -- Perl interface to the BackPAN index Bug#734262: ITP: xmds2 -- eXtensible Multi-Dimensional Simulator Bug#734316: ITP: gap-float -- multi-precision floating-point computation for GAP Bug#734331: RFH: mg -- microscopic GNU Emacs-style editor Bug#734354: ITP: fonts-croscore -- width-compatible fonts for improved on-screen readability Bug#734369: ITP: plasmate -- tool specifically tailored to creating Plasma Workspace add-ons Bug#734374: ITP: kde-connect -- tool to integrate the KDE desktop with your mobile devices Bug#734394: ITP: pyhusl -- conversions for HUSL (human-friendly HSL) color space Bug#734418: ITP: gap-io -- low level C library IO bindings for GAP Bug#734457: ITP: cppman -- C++ 98/11 manual pages for Linux, with source from Bug#734615: ITP: thermald -- Thermal monitoring and controlling daemon Bug#734630: ITP: libio-sessiondata-perl -- set of modules for non-blocking I/O Bug#734638: ITP: anfo -- Short Read Aligner/Mapper from MPG Bug#734643: ITP: waffle -- Library for selecting OpenGL API and window system at runtime Bug#734679: ITP: python-docker -- docker-py are python bindings to's socket voodoo Bug#734687: ITP: python-logutils -- handlers for the Python standard library's logging package Bug#734759: ITP: vim-pathogen -- Manage your runtimepath with ease. Bug#734793: ITP: pstar -- The P* Web Programming Language Bug#734799: ITP: wxpython3.0 -- wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding) Bug#734874: ITP: libxml-parser-lite-perl -- lightweight regexp-based XML parser Bug#734880: ITP: percona-xtradb-cluster-5.5 -- Synchronously replicated, highly available MySQL Bug#734892: ITP: percona-xtradb-cluster-galera-2.x -- Synchronous multi-master replication plugin for transactional applications Bug#734904: ITP: vim-syntastic -- Syntax checking hacks for vim Bug#734928: ITP: libgeo-gpx-perl -- Create and parse GPX files Bug#734933: ITP: libtime-out-perl -- module to easily timeout long running operations Bug#734934: ITP: libxml-descent-perl -- Perl module for recursive descent XML parsing Bug#734935: ITP: libperlio-via-timeout-perl -- PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to a handle Bug#734938: ITP: libio-socket-timeout-perl -- IO::Socket with read/write timeout Bug#734952: ITP: cloud-sptheme -- Cloud Sphinx theme and related extensions Bug#735016: ITP: openlayer -- hardware accelerated 2D Graphics library Bug#735045: RFP: X11 -- [SHORT DESCRIPTION] Bug#735059: ITP: libapache2-mod-authn-otp -- Apache web server module for two-factor authentication using one-time passwords (HOTP/OATH). Bug#735073: ITP: evas-loaders -- Additional file format loaders for libevas Bug#735081: ITP: r-cran-numderiv -- GNU R package for accurate numerical derivatives Bug#735154: ITP: sockjs-twisted -- Simple library for adding SockJS support to a twisted application Bug#735158: ITP: minia -- short-read assembler Bug#735177: ITP: fuseloop -- loopback mount using FUSE Bug#735180: ITP: snp-sites -- Find snp sites from multi fasta alignment files Bug#735200: ITP: iprutils -- The iprutils package contains user space tools required by the ipr device driver. Bug#735209: ITP: python-changelog -- Sphinx extension to generate changelog files Bug#735222: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-autohidetopbar -- gnome shell automatic topbar hider Bug#735256: ITP: libx11-windowhierarchy-perl -- Perl module to query the current X11 window hierarchy Bug#735257: ITP: libx11-protocol-other-perl -- miscellaneous X11::Protocol helpers Bug#735290: ITP: ruby-toml -- Toml handling library Bug#735295: ITP: ruby-parslet -- Parser construction library with great error reporting Bug#735315: ITP: r-cran-tensor -- GNU R Tensor product of arrays Bug#735318: ITP: libtest-roo-perl -- module for composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo Bug#735319: ITP: libdbix-introspector-perl -- module to detect what database code is connected to Bug#735343: ITP: r-cran-polyclip -- GNU R Polygon Clipping Bug#735407: ITP: golang-gocapability-dev -- Package capability provides utilities for manipulating POSIX capabilities. Bug#735441: ITP: tercpp -- C++ implementation of TER Bug#735469: ITP: chef-zero -- in-memory Chef server (for testing and solo purposes) Bug#735479: ITP: couchapp -- Simple JavaScript application hosted in Apache CouchDB. Bug#735481: ITP: python-watchdog -- Filesystem events monitoring Bug#735482: ITP: python-pathtools -- Pattern matching and various utilities for file systems paths. Written in Python Bug#735483: ITP: python-argh -- An unobtrusive argparse wrapper with natural syntax. Bug#735508: ITP: sphinx-paramlinks -- allows param links in Sphinx function/method descriptions to be linkable Bug#735520: ITP: openstack-guest-agents-unix -- Agent to install in VMs running under a Xen-based OpenStack cloud Bug#735522: ITP: python-pyxenstore -- Access XenStore from Python Bug#735604: ITP: python-aosd -- Python bindings for libaosd Re: Bug#735619: RFP: chaiscript -- Embedded Scripting Language Designed for C++ Bug#735672: ITP: ruby-re2 -- Ruby bindings to re2, an "efficient, principled regular expression library" Bug#735674: ITP: stress-ng -- stress-ng is a tool to load and stress a computer Bug#735679: RFP: superlu-dist -- MPI version of SuperLU Bug#735884: ITP: ocp-indent -- OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim Bug#735902: ITP: libfile-rename-perl -- Perl extension for renaming multiple files Bug#735917: ITP: stm32flash -- software for programming STM32 chips using serial bootloader Bug#735927: general: X *always* crashes when 5 youtube video opened Bug#735927: general: X *always* crashes when ram is full Bug#735927: general: xserver-xorg-video-intel crashes when shared dynamic video ram runs out Bug#735927: i do have storage space Bug#735927: marked as done (general: X *always* crashes when 5 youtube video opened) Bug#736090: ITP: golang-vhost -- Go library to implement virtual hosting for different protocols Bug#736091: ITP: golang-goyaml -- YAML support for the Go language Bug#736123: ITP: sbbi-upnplib -- Java library for universal plug and play (upnp) Bug#736124: ITP: nxt-firmware -- Improved firmware for LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT bricks Bug#736146: ITP: libnftnl -- nftables low-level userspace library Bug#736217: ITP: gstreamer-vaapi -- VA-API plugins for GStreamer Bug#736330: ITP: glfw3 -- portable library for OpenGL, window and input Bug#736354: ITP: disruptor -- High Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library for Java Bug#736372: ITP: libcpan-sqlite-perl -- module to maintain a minimal CPAN database with SQLite Bug#736397: ITP: jetrix -- TetriNET Server Bug#736416: ITP: debci -- continuous integration system for Debian Bug#736419: ITP: kenlm -- faster and smaller language model queries Bug#736420: ITP: zenlisp -- Interpreter for purely symbolic, pure, lexically scoped dialect of LISP Bug#736485: ITP: oslo.rootwrap -- allows fine filtering of shell commands to run as root Bug#736497: ITP: openpgpkey-milter -- automatically PGP encrypt emails for milter-capable MTAs Bug#736509: ITP: r-cran-polycub -- GNU R Cubature over Polygonal Domains Bug#736523: ITP: python-future -- backport of the concurrent.futures package Bug#736536: ITP: libwildmagic -- libraries for mathematics, physics, numerical methods Bug#736573: ITP: python-rtslib-fb -- object API for managing the Linux LIO kernel target Re: Bug#736604: ITP: r10k -- Puppet environment and module deployment (was: ITP: r10k -- Smarter Puppet deployment, powered by killer robots) Bug#736604: ITP: r10k -- Smarter Puppet deployment, powered by killer robots Bug#736610: ITP: livedico -- Livebox key generator Bug#736624: ITP: golang-bindata -- embed data in a Go program Bug#736630: ITP: mongo-java-driver -- MongoDB Java driver Bug#736823: ITP: liblingua-en-syllable-perl -- estimate syllable count in English words Bug#736826: ITP: tea4cups -- The Swiss Army's knife of advanced CUPS administrators Bug#736844: ITP: mozilla-password-editor -- Create and edit entries in the password manager in Mozilla applications Bug#736848: ITP: vim-tabular -- Vim script for text filtering and alignment Bug#736850: ITP: lightcouch -- CouchDB Java API Bug#736908: ITP: optcomp -- syntax extension for optional compilation with cpp-like directives Bug#736913: ITP: django-rest-swagger -- API documentation generator for Swagger UI and Django REST Framework Bug#736939: ITP: vim-fugitive -- A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal Bug#736968: ITP: spot-on -- research project using a variety of unique communication protocols Bug#736990: ITP: breathe -- Sphinx autodoc support for languages other than Python Bug#737000: general: Most used german debian mirror ( has no IPV6 Bug#737044: ITP: vim-markdown -- Markdown Vim Mode Bug#737045: ITP: htpdate -- HTTP based time synchronization tool Bug#737072: ITP: KeySigningPartyTools -- create a better formatted list in PDF format by reading a FOSDEM key list Bug#737077: ITP: zfsnap -- Automatic snapshot creation and removal for ZFS Bug#737094: ITP: jsch-agent-proxy -- Proxy to ssh-agent and Pageant in Java Bug#737098: ITP: discosnp -- discovering Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) from raw set(s) of reads obtained with Next Generation Sequencers Bug#737099: ITP: mapsembler2 -- bioinformatics targeted assembly software Bug#737107: ITP: appdirs -- determining appropriate platform-specific directories Bug#737154: ITP: pencil2d -- Animation/drawing software to create hand-drawn animation using both bitmap and vector graphics Bug#737227: ITP: php5-pecl-http -- Extended HTTP Support. Bug#737228: ITP: php5-raphf -- Resource and persistent handles factory Bug#737234: ITP: ruby-numru-misc -- Collection of miscellaneous functions and classes to facilitate programming Bug#737236: ITP: php5-solr -- The Apache Solr PHP extension is an extremely fast, light-weight, feature-rich library that allows PHP applications to communicate easily and efficiently with Apache Solr server instances using an object-oriented API. Bug#737237: ITP: php5-propro -- A reusable split-off of pecl_http's property proxy API. Bug#737238: ITP: libmapper -- Library for connecting data signals on a shared network Bug#737261: ITP: nghttp2 -- HTTP/2 library can i have the main os files in zip file? Re: CUPS is now linked against OpenSSL Re: CUPS is now linked against OpenSSL (and will stay GPLv2-only) CUPS is now linked against OpenSSL (was: Re: GnuTLS in Debian) Re: [debian-mysql] Bug#732878: Add MariaDB as an alternative dependency Re: Delegation for the Release Team Re: [DEP 8] About "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest": time to remove "XS-" ? A distro based on Debian Do you use OpenSSH Re: GnuTLS in Debian Re: GPLv2-only considered harmful Re: GPLv2-only considered harmful [was Re: GnuTLS in Debian] Re: home directories on porter machines to be pruned automatically How can I make this work Re: Indeed, python-concurrent.futures is the same Re: ITA: microcom Fwd: kde/qt debconf not working libtiff5 transition mass bug filing libtool: please mark libtool multi-arch: allowed libunwind and ia64 [mass bug] New license problem/sourceless fil/privacy problems detected by lintian mass-filing bug reports to use dh-autoreconf during the build Re: Move awk implementations from /usr/bin to /bin mupdf (Was: xpdf removed from testing?) mupdf (was: xpdf removed from testing?) openrc: Updated patches making openrc work properly on Debian GNU/Hurd Open Source Survey - OT: New RC handling policy (was: xpdf removed from testing) Re: porting OpenRC on kFreeBSD and Hurd Re: [Prepare mass bug filling][RFC] New lintian tags: privacy-breach Re: prerm/postrm considered harmful in M-A: same packages Processed: Re: Bug#733651: general: Any USB card reader works only after being replugged. Processed: Re: Bug#735927: general: xserver-xorg-video-intel crashes when shared dynamic video ram runs out Processed: Re: Bug#737000: general: Most used german debian mirror ( has no IPV6 Proposal: remove krb5-appl (rlogin, rsh, telnet, ftp with krb5 support) Proposed changes on menu systems (was: Re: Bug#707851: Let's remove the Debian menu from the Debian Policy ?) Re: Registering a media type for Debian binary packages ? Re: Release sprint results - team changes, auto-rm and arch status removal of the vacation package Removing packages from unofficial repositories RFC: Changing default source tarball ignores [RFC] Cyrus SASL 2.1.26 experimental->unstable RFC: Possible deprecating of bzip2 in dpkg-deb? RFH: dropbear initramfs support [RFH] Local wanna-build and buildd setup in unstable Re: RFH: logcheck RFH: sane-backends FTBFS on buildds, but not in pbuilder [RFH] !!SOS!! totally hosed init system Re: [RFH] [with fix] totally hosed init system Re: Roll call for porters of architectures in sid and testing Re: Fwd: Re: several SIGSEGV bugs in debian 7/AMD64 Should we try to draw more attention on ITAs waiting for sponsorship (with testing removal) ? Sketches and diagrams in open source software development The last update was on 19:49 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 603 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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