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Re: RFH: dropbear initramfs support

+1, thanks for maintaining the package!

Also I have a small note that may be useful for someone (?):

I recently experimented with dropbear in initramfs for another task - I wanted to have a "rescue" ssh on a non-standard port available all the time, even if initramfs can't mount the root filesystem. I was very happy to discover initramfs support in your dropbear package :-) the idea itself was rather simple, I've just removed the dropbear stopping code from initscripts, changed 'run-init' to mount --move + chroot / in 'init' itself, and mount --move /dev and /dev/pts to mount --bind. The result is interesting - when you login to dropbear, you appear inside the old root (rootfs). At the same time:
* cd / --> you stay in the old root (rootfs)
* ls /.. --> the new root is listed
* ls /<any_dir>/.. --> the new root is listed
* cd /.. --> you stay in the old root
* mount --move /.. /root --> most interesting: the new root gets moved into /root on rootfs, and the rest of the system runs like in a chroot - not because you ran chroot from there, but because the root has moved itself :)

With best regards,
  Vitaliy Filippov

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