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Re: Bug#736416: ITP: debci -- continuous integration system for Debian

* Antonio Terceiro [Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 10:08:25AM -0300]:

> * Package name    : debci
>   Version         : 0.4.0
>   Upstream Author : Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>
> * URL             : http://ci.debian.net/
> * License         : GPL-3
>   Programming Lang: Mostly POSIX Shell. a little bit of (or a rewrite
>                     in) a saner language (Ruby|Perl|Python) might be
>                     needed down the road
>   Description     : continuous integration system for Debian

> debci will scan the Debian archive for packages that contains DEP-8
> compliant test suites, and run those test suites whenever a new version
> of the package, or of any package in its dependency chain (modulo the
> base system), is available.

Sounds promising, thanks for your work, Antonio.
(As Martin Pitt already wrote in #736416 it would be great if the
existing efforts could be shared.)

I'm a bit unhappy about the naming though, because currently it's
running DEP-8 tests only and "continuous integration system for
Debian" and its project name "debci" are a bit missleading from my
PoV. Do you have any further things in mind for debci?


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