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Aw: Re: Valve games for Debian Developers


> > (what, am I the only old grump who's not attracted to game playing?)
> I'm attracted to game playing. But not to offers of software on non-free
> terms, regardless of price.

I suggest to halt thinking about game playing. What about game producing?

Tech aspect:

To have Debian-based game development eased with the help of Valve will
help our distribution in many ways, and if it is only to get NVidia and AMD
interested in us more than they were in the past.

Social bits:

I will get really excited about the community aspect of it all. With
the Debian community Valve gets a bunch of individuals that are
all exceptionally well trained, are willing to share code among
themselves and beyond, and function as a community with annual conferences,
Sprints, local outreach etc.  I have little doubt that there will some
enthusiasts among us who will produce bits and pieces with Valve's
technologies and will know how to explain what they did to everyone.
And, conversely, I would like to see those interested in game development
have more of a chance to find a community that is also interested in
the lower levels of their machine. Who knows about what ideas may 
come up from such gatherings - maybe even something educational.

Wish bits:

Raspbian is a another gem, attracting many more individuals to .deb
distros and establishing some twilight zone between embedded and
desktop bits. Can we have more of this?



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