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Re: Fwd: Re: several SIGSEGV bugs in debian 7/AMD64

Op 28-12-13 21:52, René Kuligowski schreef:
> Hi Adrian,
> Thanks for your quick answer,… but (sounds like a pouting little boy, I
> know):
> Sorry, but I cannot file a bug report against, say, nvidia-glx, because
> it is most likely not the cause.  The problem is far more likely kernel
> 3.x- and/or gcc-related, and I need somebody who knows more intimate
> workings of debian 7 before I can file a bug report to the correct
> topic/person:
> –– newer BIOS for my machine does not exist.  Current/last is from
> 2009.  And, like I wrote, it works perfectly with debian 6 (kernel 2.6)
> or winXP/win7.  *without* *any* problems. And I don't exactly care if
> APM/ACPI standards have changed in the meantime.  Debian used to be
> backward-compatible to even twenty-years-old hardware and their specs.
> –– no capacitor or other hardware related issues.  Cannot be, also,
> because things would shred under debian 6 and winXP/win7, too, which
> they don't.  Things are a bit older, but tended well to.

That doesn't mean anything, sorry.

While "it works under another OS" is usually a good indicator that
hardware isn't at fault, in no way is it a _guarantee_ that it is not a
hardware issue.

Case in point: a while back I upgraded a server at a customer to wheezy.
Suddenly it started having random poweroffs. Eventually we found that
one of the two processor dies on the mainboard was bad, and that
replacing it fixed the issue.

Now, the reason it was still working on squeeze was that squeeze wasn't
using some particular power management features, which meant the
processor wouldn't reach a particular C-state which triggered the
(hardware) bug.

While I'm not saying this is definitely the case for you, it's certainly
possible. I do believe you if you say you're experiencing more
segfaults, but that doesn't mean it's a bug in wheezy. I, for one, am
*not* experiencing more segfaults in wheezy.

In order to figure out what exactly is wrong, you'll have to provide
more data. Bugs can't be debugged if we don't know what they are.

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