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Re: [RFH] !!SOS!! totally hosed init system

On Fri, 03 Jan 2014, Roger Leigh wrote:
> If file-rc and/or the maintainer scripts somehow restored the links
> incorrectly, then insserv will ignore the header and preserve your
> customisations (not the link ordering, but the runlevels to start
> and stop in).  This would certainly be the cause of all the


> > Anyway, is there a way to tell update-rc.d or insserv or whatever
> > to just ignore the existing /etc/rc*.d/ structure completely and


> "insserv -d" should revert to the defaults.  And there's not usually
> any reason to deviate from them.
> If not, you could remove the structure entirely and then try re-
> running "insserv -d" again.

We really should have an easy way to address "my system is screwed up,
please remove the entire sysv-rc admin-configured state and recreate it from
the LSB headers and override files, for all initscripts".  While something
rarely needed, it would help a great deal when it is in fact required...

"insserv -d" helps, but apparently it doesn't do the full sysv-rc reset.
You'd need to call it for every initscript, at the very least.

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